No Referral Needed – Direct Access Physical Therapy

Direct Access Physical Therapy in WisconsinMyth about Physical Therapy Referral

People often believe that they need a referral or prescription from their doctor to seek physical therapy - not true! Since 2003, Wisconsin residents are able to refer themselves to a physical therapist for treatment, as long as the physical therapist meets these qualifications:

  • A physical therapist with a master's degree, or a bachelor's degree with five years of clinical experience.
  • A physical therapist may treat a chronic or recurring injury or condition without a prescription, provided that the patient or client was previously diagnosed and prescribed physical therapy treatment within the previous year.

Is Advance Physical Therapy Qualified to Treat?

Absolutely! At Advance Physical Therapy, our therapists meet these qualifications to provide therapy without prescriptions. Amy was actually on the Executive Board of the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) that made this possible! Physical therapists are regulated by all states as highly trained health care professionals, and ours have experience, through both formal education and clinical training, to assess, evaluate, and treat patients.  

Why Is No-Referral Therapy Important?

Healthcare is expensive, and the past procedure of requiring a visit simply to obtain a referral magnified the issue.  Today you are able to save money by going directly to a physical therapist, and skipping the prescription step.  Many conditions we see can be evaluated and treated with no expensive testing.