Amy J. Helminski

Amy - Advance Physical Therapy

Amy Helminski, PT MS OCS

Owner / Physical Therapist

Specialized programs and interventions

Spinal rehab specialist

Sports injury for upper and lower extremities

TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain) / facial pain

Manual therapy

Lymphedema /women's health

Balance and fall injury prevention

For more than 29 years, Amy has practiced Physical Therapy in a variety of settings, including hospitals, industrial practice, private practice, and outpatient venues. She now has embarked upon her own private practice for the last 14 years with Advanced Physical Therapy Services, and has clinics located in Muskego and New Berlin. The vision of opening these outpatient sites was to not be restricted by bureaucratic guidelines, but rather to develop a specialty practice and devote time to the lifelong healthcare relationships with clients and the referral community through  highly effective and personalized care. Besides being highly skilled and technically trained, Amy's strong suit is understanding. By providing compassionate care, and listening carefully to what the clients are saying, a dedicated provider investigates the causes for  their conditions and then designs and implements a personalized treatment plan addressing the involved areas.

As a board certified member of the American Physical Therapy Association, an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist since 1995, Amy employs advanced evaluation and treatment techniques. In clinical practice, the Physical Therapist addresses the rehabilitation needs of persons with musculoskeletal dysfunctions and disabilities treating the related muscle, bone, joint, tendon and nerve components of the injury. Equally important is the need to address prevention of injuries and the possible resulting disabilities. Amy has engaged in research of industrial spinal injury prevention while earning a Master's degree from Finch University, Chicago Medical School in North Chicago, Illinois. Secondary extensive training and knowledge is utilized in managing and treating occupational injuries with success. This includes treating both in clinic and onsite, involving injury prevention, and executing return to work programs.

Amy is  extremely active in both the national and state levels of the Physical Therapy Associations. She currently holds positions on the local district and state Executive Boards of the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA), as well as numerous positions over the last 26 years. In addition to these professional commitments, she has maintained didactic involvement as a clinical mentor/instructor for both PT and PTA interns. Through these opportunities, she has integrated both her clinical skills and passion for quality care with the desire to promote the profession of Physical Therapy.